Syncing Calendars From iCal to Mobile Me / iPhone

Syncing Calendars From iCal to Mobile Me / iPhone

Issue: Syncing calendars from iCal to Mobile Me / iPhone

Affects: Mac OSX, iCal, & Mobile Me accounts


The Mobile Me account should be setup in iCal with the correct account name and password. Then you will notice in iCal that there are two sections of calendars: “On my Mac” and the calendars under the Mobile Me account. The only calendars that sync to Mobile Me are the calendars under that section. So you will need to do the following:

1.) Export all the calendars from “On my Mac”

2.) Create new calendars under the Mobile Me section with the same name

3.) Import the “On my Mac” calendars into the Mobile Me calendars

4.) Delete the “On my Mac” calendars or do not add events to these calendars anymore

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