Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series

Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series

IPSOFACTO partners with Cisco to install UC 500 VOIP / Data “Office in a Box” hardware.

Rarely can you find so many capabilities wrapped up in one box. Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business combines voice, data, video, security, and more into one easy-to-manage solution.

Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business supports:

  • Voice: Use advanced communications capabilities including telephone call processing, voicemail, automated attendant, and conferencing functions to respond to customers faster and save money on long-distance charges
  • Video: Conduct face-to-face meetings through video calls with Cisco Unified Video Advantage (requires Cisco USB Camera)
  • Wireless: Help employees be more productive and collaborate better through access to applications and information from anywhere they work
  • Productivity: Integrate with existing desktop productivity applications such as calendar, email, and customer relationship management programs
  • Secure Routing: Reduce business risks associated with viruses and other security threats

Get an advanced phone system that expands as your business grows and changes, without a lot of capital expense.

Cisco UC 500

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